Covid-19 Updates

Covid 19

Please check here for school updates relating to COVID-19. As new information is shared for the 2020-2021 school year, we will be posting them here.


Dear JDA parents,

I know many of you are curious about the reopening of our school. Our return to school committee met yesterday to continue to work on our return to school plan. The plan will be submitted to Sr. Cindy, and once approved, it will be posted on the website and be sent to parents through gradelink. We will begin school through virtual learning on August 31st, and the face-to-face instruction is still awaiting a decision by Bishop Flores. I will be posting a survey on the school website asking you a few more questions to make sure that we prepare adequately for your children to be safe on our campus. I encourage every parent to participate in the survey so that we will have the best possible information to base our decisions on before we submit our plan. A critical part of our plan is knowing the exact number of students we are going to have on campus to be able to create enough sections for social distancing to take place. If you plan to enroll for the Fall, please submit required paperwork immediately. If you have a question on any of the forms, feel free to contact Ms. Julia Felix at 956-583-2752, and she will be able to help you with the process. If you signed up for payments, a reminder that August 10th  is just around the corner, and your contract payment is due. The easiest way to pay the monthly payment and avoid late fees (which begin after the 20th of the month) is to fill out an ACH form and submit it to our office. With the recent spike in COVID-19 some of you may be wondering about the safety of your children. The committee has discussed many issues which you are probably concerned about from safety protocol during bus transportation to and from campus to safety in the classroom. Steps are being taken to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. For example, PPE items have been ordered and I have picked up the TEPSAC allocations from Region I. The campus will be hiring a service for sanitation of the school. We are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of infection in our student population. Again, I urge you to fill out the survey that can be found on the school website by Monday, August 3rd. It will be available until August 10th. The last survey we only had 40 of 64 possible responses. I am hoping for 100% this time. We currently have 69 students and our capacity is 90. If you know of parents who are concerned about sending their children to schools with larger populations and more possibility of exposure, please encourage them to call our office to schedule a tour. If you have any questions about school issues in the upcoming year, I encourage you to email  me at

Many questions have arisen regarding the availability of testing on campus. We will have an on-campus testing of ACT and SAT. The cost for each of those tests is 55.00. If you want your son or daughter to take either or both of these tests, please call Mrs. Veronica Rodriguez in the counseling office at 956-583-2752 to make sure she orders a test for your child.. Students are not required to test; however, juniors and seniors are encouraged to do so. Some parents may want sophomores and freshman to test to get a baseline score, and that is fine, but we need to order the tests by August 7th. The PSAT will be administered on October 14th, and the price of this test is included in the tuition. It will be taken by all freshman, sophomores, and juniors. The IOWA test will be administered during the last of September, and it is also included in the tuition. This test will be administered to all of our students.

We do ask you to encourage your children to do their summer reading assignments. The deadline for summer reading has been extended to September 4th. In summary, stay safe and pray for our school and our students so that we may further their education in order that they do not fall behind academically.

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Carroll

Interim Principal





Dear Parents,


I do hope you and your family are well and doing well.  As we continue to prepare for the 2020-2021 academic school year, I wanted to share with all of you our plans for re-opening. 

This has been a team effort on the part of our Diocese, TCCBED, TEPSAC, state and local authorities to make the best possible decisions always keeping in mind the safety of our students, their families and our staff and teachers.  This pandemic does not only harm our Catholic School families, but all of our families in the Valley and that is why decisions are not easy at times and take time to finalize.   On a daily basis numbers and cases are tracked to help us make those decisions. 

I know that all of you have been anxious and concerned regarding your own child(ren) and we know that, however, when decisions are made there has to be time to look at our options and make decisions that we will be able to carry out.  As you know, there are daily changes all around us.  As soon as a decision is made we receive another change or update which we have to look at and make necessary changes regarding the updates.  This is why information is not given until we know we can present it and not have to change it. 

Our school will re-open on Monday, August 31st with remote learning until further notice.  Bishop will be making a public statement regarding our Catholic Schools as soon as he has received all information for our re-opening.  Remember that our Catholic Schools are not TEA schools and Bishop will be sharing his views with us regarding our Catholic Schools.  We all want what is best for our students. 

Our school will re-open with teacher in-service days on August 3, 2020, so that we can be well prepared for remote learning and to plan eventually for face-to-face instruction which you will be informed when we have all the information to share with you. 

If you have not registered your child(ren) yet, I would encourage you to do so within the next week, so that you will be sent the proper information regarding your child(ren) and their grade level schedules.  We will not be sending any communication to those families who have not registered by next week because we have to know our exact numbers in order for our teachers to prepare the proper lessons for remote learning, etc.  It is our time to put together schedules, lessons and set criteria on remote learning so that all our families who are registered will receive the same information at the same time. 

I thank you for your patience and trust in our school that all of us are looking out for the welfare of each of our students and their families.  During this time of uncertainty, I ask that all of you recite the attached prayer on a daily basis as a family, so that we are united in this prayer at all times.

Alone, we can do a little, Together, we can do much and…” With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).   



Kathleen Neal Carroll, Ed.D.

Interim Principal

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